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Unusual Question

This may seem like an odd question - I'm not sure how many of you folks have experienced it, but:

I'm moving to Seattle in 5 days, via airplane. From there, I will be road tripping along the west coast quite a bit. However, this is my first move away from home (Metro Detroit) and I'm having a bit of a hard time adjusting.
I am continuously overwhelmed with nervousness and nausea when thinking about the move. Most of my troubles will probably lie in the airport.
I also fear that I may end up consistently making myself sick when I want to travel. (And I really want to!)

My stomach has a tendency to turn over with the slightest nervousness or excitement.

Does anyone have any methods of dealing with this kind of anxiety? If so - any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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August 23 2004, 16:02:09 UTC 13 years ago

Go to your doctor. S/he will probably prescribe some sort of anti-anxiety drug. :)
You're excited, nervous... let's see, these are the things that should be happening as people step into the unknown of new adventures! I don't know about others, but to me that's part of the thrill. I get that anytime I travel, and I have packed a rucksack more times than I would count. Compare it to an amusement park or circus ride, if you've ever been. Enjoy the anxiousness, it's part of the experience.
I get those feelings every time I embark on an adventure of any size or shape.

You'll probably find that your nervousness will vanish the minute you set out and start concentrating on what has to be done rather than what will happen.

Taking deep, slow breaths can be calming. Exercise is good.

Enjoy it! It sounds like a wonderful thing you're about to do.