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roadjunkie's Journal

The World's Greatest and Most Famous ____ !
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This is a community for all of us who love roadside attractions. For example: muffler men, odd decorations, strange structures, tiny churches, religious shrines, museums devoted to the odd or mundane, etc...

Whether you run across these offbeat attractions randomly while on a road trip or whether you use websites to help you on your journey, this is a place to come and talk about what you've seen and/or to post pictures. If possible, please include the address of any attraction that you post about, so that others who want to view it might be able to do so.

The only rules are that you remain courteous to each other, and to please use an lj-cut when posting large pictures or when you are posting more than one picture (yeah yeah yeah...everyone knows this already).

Roadside Atrractions in America: roadsideamerica.com
Roadside Attractions in Canada: roadsideattractions.ca

(I am sure that there are similar websites for other parts of the world. I just do not know of any, but if you do, feel free to share!)

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