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i think i have to many places on my list of "places i want to go." so this week we're thinking about arizona. not sure when i will do this trip, but it can't hurt to think about it. (well maybe it can, cause then i'll get really excited and it'll be all that i think i about for the next few months)

anyways, i've been through arizona a couple times but have never been to the grand canyon! so i want to go there and down 17 through the red rock, sedona area. just seems like there is a lot out there. has anyone ever done a road trip through arizona hitting up all these places?

can you offer any suggestions for a route? know of any good websites to help me plan my trip? oh and what time of the year is best? (i'm guess right now is since the heat is gone and it's not snowing yet) but how is the spring?

i'd be coming from california. and would most likely enter arizona from 40. thanks for your help.
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