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Who loves Wisconsin?

Who wants to hear about my trip to Wisconsin? You do! Of course you do!

First stop: Monona, WI for tasty noodles! Yum yum!

Then we drove to Waupun to see the sculptures. Pay special attention to The Citadel. Hahahahaha!

Next stop, Ripon, one the many birthplaces of the Republican Party. Ripon is alson noted for being Cookie Town USA, but I didn't know that until I got home.

We tried to visit Gloria Hills Sculpture Garden in Green Lake, but what used to be free is now $50 for the first 15 people, schedule a week in advance. I hate them.

We drove to Montello to see Wisconsin's largest tree, which was not nearly as big as we had expected.

Next we drove to Marshfield to see Jurustic Park, but they had closed 30 minutes earlier. This was way too important to miss so we came back the next day.

We really wanted to sleep in the woods so we drove all the way to Minocqua to eat at the Paul Bunyon Cook Shanty. The food was exactly what you'd expect.

There was nowhere to stay though, except a sleazy whirlpool suite at the Super 8 in Tomahawk, so we drove back south again and slept in an AmericInn in Merrill that was decidedly not in the woods. That area is super-duper pretty. I want to go back.

Day Two:

Drove back to Jurustic Park. Clyde gave us the guided tour. I love love loved it. This is one of the coolest places I have ever been. It ranks right up there with the Forevertron, also in Wisconsin.

Next stop was Chatty Bell, the (supposed) World's Largest Talking Cow! If you agree with me that a bull is still a cow, then Albert the Bull (who also talks - if through ventriloquism) would kick Chatty Bell's sorry ass.

We tried to visit the Thunderbird Museum in Hatfield which claimed to have an original copy of the Declaration of Independence (if you can find it amongst all the other crap) but either we weren't looking in the right place or it had closed.

Then we drove to Black River Falls to see the crazy fiberglass animals at the Oasis. This is where I forgot my purse.

Next stop, sans purse, was the Rock in the House. Surely I meant the House on the Rock? Oh no. The Rock in the House.

We drove up to the Prairie Moon Sculpture Gardens in Cochrain, but (Kohler Foundation be damned) I'm pretty tired of the objects embedded in cement form of art so I sat on a bench and pouted.

After that we headed to Sparta to see the Fiberglass Animals Shapes and Trademarks graveyard. This was freaking awesome. In one shot I got my picture taken with Santa, Darth Vader and a giant pig. I <3 FAST!

On the way home we stopped in Fennimore to see Igor the Mouse! It's a giant mouse! Named Igor!

Last stop, just outside Dubuque, I realized my purse was gone. No point in trying to go back to get it. Luckily when I got home there was a message from the good people at Chippewa Valley Cheese telling me they'd put it in their safe and that I should call them in the morning. I'm having UPS ship it back to me.

Total Miles: Darn closed to 1000. Maybe more, maybe less.
I love Wisconsin!
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